What is Infrastructure as a Service?

In an IaaS model, a third-party provider hosts hardware, software, servers, storage and other infrastructure components on behalf of its users. IaaS providers also host users' applications and handle tasks including system maintenance, backup and resiliency planning.


M9 Systems IaaS platforms offer highly scalable solutions that can be adjusted on-demand. This makes IaaS well-suited for workloads that are temporary, experimental or change unexpectedly.

Other characteristics of IaaS environments include the automation of administrative tasks, dynamic scaling, desktop virtualization and policy-based services.


With Iaas, you can drastically reduce your capital expense by eliminating the need for in-house hardware and software. M9 offers its client to pay on a peruse basis. With full scalability, you only have to pay for what you use. We grow your virtual network and virtual machines as your company grows.

Full System and Network Monitoring

At m9 we monitor your network 24x7x365 to ensure your business is up and running at all times. With our guaranteed 99.999% uptime, you never have to worry about your network going down at the peak of your business hours.

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