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Cloud Servers Overview

Cloud Servers or Virtual Servers are very similar to a dedicated server but are much more scalable. Unlike physical servers, cloud servers allow you to fully customize every parameter to match your business needs. In addition, cloud servers are much more reliable and offer enhanced resilience against downtime. These reasons and many others are why cloud servers are a new favorite choice for developers and enterprises alike.

Scalable Solutions

Cloud servers truly offer a fully customizable solution. Choose your operating system, upgrade or downgrade your processor speed, memory size, and storage capacity, even specify the level of managed services needed with immaculate quality.

Pay As You Go

M9's Cloud Server solutions offer you to only pay for what you use. Spin resources up and down to match your companies needs on a fly and save much needed resources. Add more during seasonal burst of business and reduce when the rush is gone.Its that simple!

Fully Control your Cloud Server

With VMware vSphere web client you can easily monitor your systems performance, manage console connections, power cycles, and workload all on the fly.

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